Our kombucha is brewed with only the best teas sourced directly from small tea farms.  We stay true to the nature of the teas, brewing each one to strict parameters to bring out the benefits and best flavors possible.


Green Tea Kombucha
Earth - the earthly flavor

Our Green Tea Kombucha is brewed with a traditional high-altitude green tea grown at Mt. E’Mei, one of China’s 5 sacred Buddhist mountains.  To create this rustic tea, they wok-roast the leaves using traditional methods over a wood burning fire.  This imparts a delicate floral aroma and the distinctly grassy yet savory flavor.  Green tea, naturally high in antioxidants and vitamins, creates an extremely pleasant and clean kombucha which pairs well with many flavors and foods.


MOUNTAIN Oolong Kombucha
Air - the cold freezing winds

This kombucha is brewed with a special frost bitten variety of Jin Xuan Oolong.  Originally from Taiwan, this tea is a low-oxidation rolled oolong which develops a remarkable creamy and buttery fragrance once frost bitten.  Once brewed into kombucha, this tea exhibits a distinct creamy peach and plum flavor.


BlacK dragon

Brewed with rich black teas, black cardamom, thyme and chilly pequin. Spicy and Smoky. Perfect kombucha for people that love deep smoky flavors.  This kombucha provides a wonderful smoky flavor while maintaining the rich mellow body of the highly mineral black tea, with a dash of spice.  This Kombucha is one of our favorites in the winter when we are surrounded by friends and fires.


Water - the life giving properties of flowers

This blend of Jasmine Green and Hibiscus Petal Tea is brewed with tea leaves grown from the same estate as our Green Tea Kombucha, but is additionally scented with the delicate fragrance of jasmine flowers.  Adding Hibiscus Petals, a natural source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, influences the rich color and cranberry flavor that compliments the acidity of kombucha.  Together they give this tea a flowery sweetness with a tartness that is perfectly in balance, making this a wonderfully refreshing kombucha perfect for hot summer days.